It seems like only yesterday I was sworn in as Councilman for Anne Arundel County District Five. It has been a tumultuous time not lacking in surprises, encouragements, learning experiences and revelations.

    At the age of sixty-two, recently retired from a legal career, this is an adventure that I have looked forward to and a challenge that requires me to focus my energies on listening, learning and applying sound principles to real problems.

    During the first few weeks I attended many neighborhood meetings and councils of community groups such as the Arnold Preservation Council, the Greater Severna Park Council and the Broadneck Council of Communities. I learned that there is a great deal of knowledge and experience among the members of these groups and a strong and sincere desire to improve and to maintain the quality of life in neighborhoods from Millersville to Cape St. Claire.

    The cooperation and contribution of these groups and individuals has been most gratifying. Also, I am indebted to Former Councilman Dick Ladd who has taken great time and attention to assist me in the transition to this work.

    All of this further compels me to do my job to the best of my ability and to keep the people of the county and my district informed so that they can fully participate in local American self-government.

    In order to do this as effectively as possible, along with my staff, I have developed a series of ten questions to be used as a template to evaluate every bill that comes before the council. It is our plan to publish these questions and findings, along with a summary of my views, as soon as possible after each session of the Council. I hope that this process gives you the opportunity to provide feedback about my vote and my reasoning for the vote. I desire this work to start a dialogue between us that helps us to understand our government and how we can work together to make improvements.

    The questions reflect my philosophy of law, liberty and government, which is based on my worldview.

    My worldview is a Biblical worldview. Like the Founders of our country expressed in the Declaration of Independence, I believe that there is a Creator God and that, as part of His created order, He granted us unalienable rights to life and liberty and property. I further believe that the purpose of civil government is to protect and defend these God- given rights.

    Because this was the view of the Founders, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and elsewhere, I call this THE AMERICAN VIEW of law and government.


    I believe you will agree that, too often today, we witness governments denying, and sometimes attacking, the very rights they are supposed to defend.

    The questions we ask about every vote are designed to reflect the proper purpose of government. I trust that you will be able to follow along our evaluation process and that this process makes government fair, just and righteous.

    Below is a list of the questions.

    Following the council sessions, I will publish a legislative review for the bills that were voted on via www.peroutkatownhall.com. Each one will contain an analysis using these questions, an explanation of my vote, and the result of the vote. I look forward to serving you.


    1. Does the legislation comport with the United States Constitution?
    2. Does the legislation comport with the Maryland State Constitution?
    3. Does the legislation comport with the Anne Arundel County Charter?
    4. Is legislation in accordance with Biblical standards for law and government?
    5. Does legislation negatively impact citizen rights? (If YES, what are the implications on personal liberty, economic freedom and/or personal property?)
    6. What date was legislation first presented to Council for review? (a. What is the anticipated date for voting? b. Was this timeframe sufficient for legislative review and consideration? If, NO describe the impact if any?)
    7. Are the terms used in the legislation succinctly defined?
    8. If legislation requires personnel appointment, was vetting process sufficient to determine if appointee holds the American view of law and government as established in the country’s founding documents?
    9. If funds are being received or generated from this legislation, is there an opportunity to apportion the funds for intended purposes only?
    10. Does the implementation of this legislation require the expenditure of taxpayer funds? (If YES, what is the impact on the taxpayer using a Cost/Benefit Analysis?)

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